Why Books are a Must for Holiday Gift Giving

Parenting is not easy, and in 2017  it seems every minute is filled keeping our little ones or ourselves busy. We are barraged daily with messages on our news feeds, social media, texts and tablets.  What we really need to do is just stop. For as crazy and hectic as parenting can be, the simplicity, beauty and connection of reading with your baby or children, is one of the greatest gifts you can give each other. 


Work out for 1 Hour & Burn for 36: This is Orange Theory Fitness

Orange Theory is unique in a few ways, but one of the greatest differences is that you receive all the benefits of a personal trainer for the fraction of the cost. Workouts are structured in such a way that you work out for an hour and burn calories for 24-36 hours after the workout.


Help Your Kids Avoid Back to School Stress With These 6 Tips!

Back to school can be exciting for kids. As parents we’re natural spin doctors, it’s in our power to make this time exciting, and these are a few simple things you can try....


Raw Juice Cleanse: Amazing or Agonizing?

9 AM saw me standing at the sink, pouring what can only be described as green sludge that smelled like rotten moss found at the bottom of a turtle pond, into a glass. Holding my nose I took a sip and gagged. Panic hit as I realized that this was bottle #1 of a 3 day commitment.


Holding on vs. Letting Go… How do we Find the Balance?

How do we find this balance? How do we let our kids grow up as kids, with a childhood, with teenage adventures and with normalcy, when there is a randomness of terror anywhere, any place at any time? And how do we teach them about this without creating a generation of anxious kids?


Motherhood isn’t like you see in the Movies…

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. I wish someone had sent me a letter with nuggets of wisdom on the day of my son’s birth. If I was to write that letter today, to someone who just had a baby, knowing what I know now, what advice would I give them? It would go like this:


Meal Garden May be the Best Healthy Eating App out There!

Meal Garden is the first app I've come across that understands moms and the mom lifestyle: busy, tired, strapped for time and in need of healthy meal options for our family and ourselves.

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