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Movies For Mommies – The Original Parent & Baby Film Event (MFM) is the brainchild of Robyn Green.

Launched in June of 2001 in mid-town Toronto, Movies for Mommies was the first event of its kind to offer grown up entertainment in a Baby- Friendly environment.

The idea was first conceived when Ms. Green went to a matinee one afternoon to enjoy a movie. Single at the time, and not being particularly maternal at that point in her life, she was highly aware when a young mother sat down a few seats away with her baby. The lights dimmed, the film began and the baby started to howl. At that moment inspiration struck, and Ms. Green decided to create a movie matinee event exclusively for new parents to enjoy, where crying would be welcome and other parent-perks would be available.

While other cinemas have tried to emulate the Movies for Mommies concept, MFM remains a leader not just as a movie, but as an event and destination for Mommy Meet Up groups. Dads, friends and caregivers are also welcome to attend and everyone enjoys amazing free weekly samples, door prize draws before the shows, warm and welcoming staff, and monthly pre-show events.

Now in its 20th year, MFM has expanded across the country to major cities including: Montreal,  Toronto, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon and Vancouver.


MFM Vancouver

I have over 15 years developing and leading programs for children, youth and families in the not-for-profit sector. With the birth of my first child, Indy Anakin Jones, last year I decided to switch gears so I could spend more time being a mom. Our family loves watching movies, playing board games, sailing and going for walks with our two dogs Korben Dallas and Kaylee Frye. As you can tell from the name of our son and our dogs, we are fans of pop culture. I look forward to meeting other families and their little ones at the theatre.

MFM Saskatoon & Regina

I’m a mom to a beautiful, happy girl, Addison. I came on board as the owner of Movies for Mommies Saskatoon in February 2013. Prior to this Addison and I would attend the movie every week as it was a great outing for us and allowed us to meet other moms and babies. When the opportunity arose to take over Movies for Mommies Saskatoon I jumped at it, as I had experienced the benefit of the program first hand and I want to ensure that other moms benefit from it in the future. I love getting to meet all the moms that come to the movies and seeing all the beautiful babies. Prior to my maternity leave I worked with adults with intellectual disabilities and since my maternity leave ended I currently work running a daycare.

North York, ON

Wendy Giammarino is a Financial Services Professional and a Realtor specializing in York Region and the GTA. Mom to 3 boys, she understands the importance in moms having the opportunity to participate in various social events with their babies, and also be able to connect with other moms in the community at the same time. She is passionate in being an active member of the Vaughan community, bringing families and local businesses together.

MFM Bloor West, Toronto

Carolyn Sinclair is a Registered Midwife, CPR Instructor, Babywearing Educator, business owner and stay at home Mom of 2 + 1 on the way. When she’s not busy with her young family she is running Movies for Mommies at The Humber Cinema and teaching group and private classes for families via her business Fifty-Seven, which focuses the 57 months from Pregnancy to Preschool (9 months +4 years). She loves being an active member of the West Toronto Community and hosts regular community groups including The West End Walking Group, The West End Breastfeeding Cafe & Organizes The Bloor West Moms Group Online Meetup.

MFM Oakville

E-J Walker has had an adventurous life – and its not over yet! She left the UK with a family of 3, moving to Hong Kong where they lived for 6 years and where her family expanded to 5!! Now established in Canada for 4 years, she is a busy mom of 3 boys and the business owner and main teacher at TipToe Music (www.tiptoemusic.net). She is always busy planning the next adventure for her family (all within Canada she promises!) Mom-time is so important to E-J, we never get enough of it she thinks, and she wants to help the mommies of Oakville and surrounding areas find some time for themselves too.

MFM Montréal

Sophie Vallée est une maman bien choyée d’une belle grande fille de 12 ans. Elle vient du monde des services financiers et très heureuse de s’être jointe à l’équipe des matinées pour mamans. Chaleureuse et toujours souriante, elle est fidèle au poste pour accueillir les mamans et s’assurer de leur confort depuis 10 ans déjà !

Sophie Vallée has been part of MFM for the last ten years! She’s a very grateful mom to a beautiful 12 years old girl. She has a background in financial services and is very happy she has joined MFM team. Sophie brings exuberance and a warm smile to every show and makes sure moms are welcomed and comfortable.

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