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about us

Movies For Mommies (MFM), is the original parent & baby film event, and the brainchild of Robyn Green.

Launched in June of 2001 in mid-town Toronto, Movies for Mommies was the first event of its kind to offer grown up entertainment in a Baby-Friendly environment.


The idea was first conceived when Ms. Green went to a matinee one afternoon to enjoy a movie. Single at the time, and not being particularly maternal at that point in her life, she was alerted to this unfilled niche when a young mother sat down a few seats away with her baby. The lights dimmed, the film began and the baby started to howl. At that moment inspiration struck, and Ms. Green decided to create a movie matinee event exclusively for new parents to enjoy, where crying would be welcome and other parent-perks would be available.

While other cinemas have tried to emulate the Movies for Mommies concept, MFM remains a leader not just as a movie program, but as an event and destination for Mommy Meet Up groups. Dads, friends and caregivers are always welcome to attend and everyone enjoys amazing free weekly samples, door prize draws before the shows, warm and welcoming staff, and monthly pre-show events.

our licensees

Now celebrating it’s 23rd year, MFM has expanded across the country to major cities including: Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Regina, Saskatoon and Calgary. The program expands by offering licensing opportunities for moms who want a stay at home business opportunity. 

Samantha Stark
MFM Barrie

As a momma of 2 amazing little ones I understand how important the mom community can be. When the opportunity for MFM came up I jumped at it! I already own and operate a mom and baby biz in town, Barrie WP Creations, so this was just a natural fit. When I am not momming with these businesses, or out in the community promoting mom life, I am a Registered Nurse. This is a true passion of mine, supporting moms and babies, and helping moms have a fun outing that is baby friendly. Can’t wait to meet you all at the Barrie show! We will have all kinds of fun planned for everyone!

Courtney Marler
MFM Calgary

Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, I grew up planning my days off around how many movies I could see. I often saw ads to take your baby to the movies and was so excited at the prospect of spending maternity leave enjoying movie days,and with a little bundle of joy on my lap. In December of 2022- I was married to my best friend and enduring month four of a very difficult postpartum with my beautiful preemie. I was reminded that I could finally attend movies with my LO like I had dreamed, and now there was an even better experience called Movies for Mommies! After that first event, I felt like myself for the first time since giving birth. Pulled from the fog of new motherhood,I attended every show I could. When Calgary needed a new Mommy to take over MFM I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I wanted to ensure other moms in Calgary had the space to feel normal again and connect with other moms. I am so excited to be part of the MFM family!


Lisa Kvpil
MFM Toronto/Beaches

Lisa is a mom of two, Cole and Quinn. When she’s not running after the kids, you’ll find her baking and cooking in the kitchen, walking, playing tennis, doing pilates and biking along the Beach. They have family movie night every Friday night with lots of popcorn and cuddles!


Amber Rehill
MFM Halifax

As a Mom of three young children, and my work as a Registered Nurse, I have both personal and professional knowledge of the effects social isolation and decreased support can cause for both new and experienced parents. Utilizing this knowledge, especially post-pandemic, I recognized the need for a program to bring parents together and also provide opportunities for social outings. When researching current options I came across Movies For Mommies and reached out to inquire about the possibility of having this fabulous program offered here in the Maritimes, and here we are! When I’m not hosting the Halifax showings, I like getting out for walks, spending time with family, reading, and also volunteering with local groups to support the unhoused communities. I couldn’t be happier to be part of Movies For Mommies and look forward to meeting and supporting families through our screenings and events. 

E-J Walker
MFM Oakville

E-J Walker has had an adventurous life – and its not over yet! She left the UK with a family of 3, moving to Hong Kong where they lived for 6 years and where her family expanded to 5!! Now established in Canada for 4 years, she is a busy mom of 3 boys and the business owner and main teacher at TipToe Music ( She is always busy planning the next adventure for her family (all within Canada she promises!) Mom-time is so important to E-J, we never get enough of it she thinks, and she wants to help the mommies of Oakville and surrounding areas find some time for themselves too.

MFM Headshots 2023

Janice Mastromarco
MFM Mississauga

I’m Janice, wife to Nick and mom of two little cuties who keep me on my toes! I first fell in love with the MFM experience when my daughter was born in 2019. After attending many shows I knew that I wanted to share this amazing experience with other moms. I also own Wylderose Inc, a photography company tailored to Maternity, newborn, family and lifestyle photos. We will be providing photoshoots throughout the year at our Mississauga location. I’m looking forward to meeting you all at the show!

Inga Wenderoth
MFM Etobicoke

I grew up in Germany and went on a work and holiday adventure in Canada in 2009. Fast forward 12 years and I’m still here in Toronto where I live with my son and fiancé. After becoming a mom, I became fascinated with baby and toddler sleep and saw an opportunity for a fulfilling career change that would combine my passion for helping people with my own personal experiences. In addition to being an MFM owner, I’m also a certified baby and toddler sleep specialist and help families get more sleep without sleep training. You can chat with me about movies & sleep at MFM!

Miranda Kong
MFM Langley

I’m a mommy of 2 lovely daughters. As an early childhood educator, I always enjoy working with children. The first time I went to movie with Movie for Mommies, I immediately fell in love with it. It was such a wonderful experience that I want to share it with all the parents out there. I enjoy watching Romance Comedy and all the holiday movies. I can’t wait to meet all the new mommies and lovely babies at my movies.

Chantalle Goring & Ellie Boyenko
MFM Regina

Chantalle and Ellie are multi-passionate mompreneurs who seek to lead with their serving hand and bigger vision of building community and helping families reach their optimal potential. Chantalle has a bright and smiley son and Ellie is blessed with twin daughters who are sunshine and rainbows! They both have diverse backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets; currently they co-operate a health and wellness center in Saskatoon with a few satellite locations. In their business, Inner Strength Family Chiropractic & Wellness, Chantalle primarily serves as a chiropractor and manual osteopathic therapist and Ellie as a colon hydrotherapist and ABM Neuromovement practitioner. Saskatchewan is a small province with big heart, pride and community roots; Chantalle and Ellie are ecstatic to exude these qualities locally while being apart of such an amazing, supportive, and exceptionally well-led national organization! We look forward to connecting with you at the movies and growing our SK MFM family!

Robyn Plener
MFM Vaughan

I’m Robyn and I am the proud owner of MFM Vaughan. Growing up in Thornhill, I would see advertisements for MFM at my local theater and would dream of attending with my own baby one day, Fast forward 20 years later, I’m a mama to 2 precious little girls! With my first daughter I missed out on taking her to Movies for Mommies, so I guess you could say that I’m making up for it now by becoming an owner. I love having my little one with me to experience the cinema and meet other babies makes it that much more special!

Looking forward to seeing you at show time!

Katlin Zarry
MFM Saskatoon
Katlin is a dedicated mom to her vibrant 5-year-old son. They spend lots of time at the swimming pool, soccer field and hanging with their family. Known for her love of community, she actively teaches Music and Tumbling in Saskatoon. She thrives on connecting with fellow moms and participating in local events. She is a culinary enthusiast. Katlin delights in baking and cooking, and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The outdoors, and travel hold special places in her heart, adding variety to her bustling family routine. She is so excited to meet and connect with you all!
MFM Fairview Holiday 2023
Lisa Paterson
I’m the proud mother of a wonderfully energetic little girl. Given my expertise in baking and cooking, you’ll frequently discover the two of us in the kitchen, either preparing delicious meals or baking cookies – or, at the very least, attempting to do so, all the while Ellie eagerly picking out the chocolate chips. Our love for the theater also brings us together, though you might have to peek under the table to find Ellie and her popcorn.
Caryn Van Bruggen
MFM Marketing Coordinator
20 years can go by in the “flashiest of flashes”. In 2002, I had the privilege of being one of MFM’s first attendees. Nearly 2 decades later, my daughter Hannah is all grown up and I was so impressed with the program that I never stopped. My role as Event Hostess and more recently Marketing Coordinator have allowed me to continue enjoying my passion for movies while being a mom, a wife and simply appreciating the chaos of family life.
Cynthia Ramanand
Social Media Coordinator

Hi! I’m Cynthia, a Toronto native now living in Alberta, homeschooling mama to two little ladies who make each day an adventure! (A funny, exhausting, crazy adventure filled with the best cuddles and lots of love)

Being with my girls 24/7 as mom and teacher has made the need to seek out moments that allow me to connect with other women/moms who understand what this phase of life. MFM has been one of those saving graces that allowed me to meet so many wonderful people and has given me amazing memories through their events and movies, so much so that I became a licensee of the Calgary location until my recent move to Edmonton.

I am now still proudly a member of the MFM family as a Social Media Coordinator and love the ability to share all of the positives this business and community has to offer with all of you!