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become a MFM licensee

We’re always looking for dynamic women to join our team. Being an MFM Licensee provides the perfect stay at home business opportunity for moms, providing you with flexible work hours and you can bring your baby to work!

What does it mean to be a licensee? 

Being a licensee means you own your business.  Similar to owning a franchise (but more affordable!) you purchase the rights to run your own MFM business.  With that fee, comes full training, how to, support and more to be successful.  

If you’re dynamic, socially savvy, marketing-oriented mom who would like to be a Mom Boss, you can earn unlimited revenue. If you already have a mom-based business, becoming an MFM owner as well has lots of benefits for you as well.

How it works:

  • Your purchase a license (the rights to run MFM at a theatre near you)
  • You receive FULL training from MFM how to run your business and generate income
  • You receive all promotional materials required to run your business, all you need to do is insert your name as the owner
  • You will receive ongoing training and support from head office.

We are currently looking for owners for: Edmonton, Vancouver, Coquitlam and Ottawa, but if you live outside of these areas and want to open an MFM near you, we’ll consider it! Please submit the form below and we’ll contact you within 72 hours.

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