FAQ: Movies for Mommies

Do babies cry? & Will I be able to hear the film?

This is our #1 FAQ and the answer is YES to both questions. From time to time babies do cry, but that’s the beauty of our event – it’s ok if your LO cries too. Most babies settle down once the lights are out and they fall asleep. The younger your baby is, the more likely they are to sleep through the movie!

What if my baby cries?

If your baby cries – you’re with sympathetic friends! The theatre is dark so chances are your baby will eventually fall asleep. If he or she starts to cry effusively, we suggest you step out into the lobby for a few minutes, but then you’re a parent – you’ll know what to do.

I’m a Dad – Can I Come Too?

Dads are always welcome. MFM has lots of Dads who attend the show, the more the merrier. Come with your little one, or add some romance to your marriage….some Dads take a “long lunch” from work and meet mom at the cinema for a Date Movie.

What is the Best Age for Little Film Critics to Attend?

Movies for Mommies recommends that Moms and Dads with infants from 0-18 months come to the show, but we leave it to each parent’s discretion. Some of our film critics are as young as 7 days old. However the movies are for YOU to enjoy. We don’t card babies at the door, and we want to cultivate a love of movies from a young age, but if your baby has reached the stage where he or she is squirming or moving around, you won’t get the most out of the MFM experience.

I’ve got an Infant and a Toddler – Can I Bring Both of Them?

Movies for Mommies won’t turn anyone away. But keep in mind the movies we screen are for adults – these aren’t kids films. If you feel your toddler would sit through the movie, or it’s his or her nap time, then bring them with you. Or stay tuned for our month Family Friendly Screenings on Saturday or Sunday mornings when we screen animated movies for all to enjoy.

Can my Friend Come With Me Even if He/She Doesn’t Have a Baby?

What would a movie be if you couldn’t enjoy it with a friend – bring them along! We also welcome grandparents and caregivers too.

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