Family Friendly Weekend Movies are Playing This Month at MFM!

Register in Advance for our sell out events!  These morning screenings run on Saturdays or Sundays and are perfect for families with a baby and an older child.  All movies are baby-friendly, running with reduced volume and dim lighting.  Join MFM for FINDING DORY on June 26th at Rainbow Promenade Mall.  ZOOTOPIA will be screening on June 26th at Rainbow Saskatoon.  Visit our FAMILY SCREENINGS page and we encourage you to pre-register on line to reserve your spot!

MFM’s Growing Again!

Join MFM at our newest location this Wednesday, June 29th , 1PM at Film.Ca Cinemas in OAKVILLE for Free Baby Photos before the show!  And if you live in the Chilliwack BC area  MFM is now playing on alternating Wednesdays. Our next screening is June 29th 11:30AM at The Cottonwood 4 Cinemas. Register for our weekly e-blast and be the first to know what’s playing.

See you at the movies!

Robyn Green
Owner & Founder of Movies for Mommies
Mom of Two Awesome Boys

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First time Experiencing Movies for Mommies?

MFM is an afternoon of decadence for you to enjoy in a baby-friendly way. What does that mean? All our films run with reduced sound levels, loud enough to hear, but soft enough to protect sensitive little ears. If it’s your first time taking your little film critic to see a movie, here is some info to make you’re outing awesome.

  • Arrive a few minutes early so you have time to receive your membership card, and all your free samples
  • Don’t be shy! If you don’t have a friend to go with, lots of moms come with their babies and meet other new moms at the show
  • Dad’s & Grandparents are people too! MFM welcomes all parents, grandparents, friends and caregivers.
  • Splurge – that theatre popcorn is SO good, treat yourself. Enjoy the show!

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