Work out for 1 Hour & Burn for 36: This is Orange Theory Fitness

Aside from folding laundry, working out is one of the biggest things we can procrastinate over. When you’re a mom with a baby or have young kids at home, and you’re  sleep deprived and overwhelmed with that must do list, working out may not be the top priority. But that’s about to change!   Enter Orange Theory Fitness, one of the newest and most fun fitness programs to hit your neighbourhood.

Receive all the benefits of a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost

I recently attended an Orange Theory Fitness class and was amazed.   From the welcoming first moment of walking through the door, to the state of the art gym and machines, to the members themselves, it’s like the Cheers of fitness, where everyone knows your name.

Orange Theory is unique in a few ways, but one of the greatest differences is that you receive all the benefits of a personal trainer for the fraction of the cost. Workouts are structured in such a way that you work out for an hour and burn calories for 24-36 hours after the workout. Okay, in order to reap those benefits, there is some hard work involved, but that’s not an entire hour of high intensity, just a mere 10-12 minutes (600-720 seconds) of being in the red zone.  The rest of the day you smile with a feeling of accomplishment!

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Orange Theory Fitness is for all ages and fitness levels

I confess, when I arrived I expected to see a class of perky 20 somethings in perfect lululemon ensembles.  Instead, the studio was filled with moms and women of all ages, shapes and sizes chatting and ready to go.  Orange Theory Fitness is largely about getting into the right zone: green, orange and red zones respectively.  But the most important zone I found was the one that’s your own.  The zone where you focus on your personal challenge and pushing yourself just that little bit extra to get to the next level.

What makes OTF stand out?

One of the great aspects of Orange Theory Fitness, is that each participant has their own heart rate monitor worn on their wrist or arm which transmits their progress onto a screen above them and shows them their real time results.  Large visuals start you off in the green zone for your warm up.  As the class progresses, the harder you work, you move to the orange zone (challenging but not insurmountable) and then for the push, that 36 hour post calorie burning gold star- there’s the red zone.

Another aspect of Orange Theory is it truly is personalized group training.  I met one of the coaches, Nara, who clearly knew everyone in the class, was attentive to adjustments for anyone with a compromised back or knee, and was a perfect combination of trainer and motivator.  Although there can be 20 or so participants in a class, coaches spend time with each member, offering a few words to help them push a little more, or to gently correct a position to maximize the full benefit of the exercise.

Orange Theory Fitness Cardio Board

Every class is different

Which brings us to one of the best aspects of Orange Theory Fitness- it’s one big surprise! Often when we work out, we get into our own routine of some cardio and some strength training.  After awhile, our bodies naturally adjust and plateau to the exercises and we don’t get the same results.

Each Orange Theory Fitness class is different, with a different fitness combination. Some days will focus only on strength, some on endurance, and some on power.  Like that box of calorie reduced Cracker Jacks with the prize in side, you never knew what class you’re doing until you start the class!  The beauty of this is that it’s always new, you never get bored, and you’re constantly targeting and working new areas to strengthen, tone and reduce.

Orange Theory Fitness Rowing Machines and Treadmill

What do the members have to say?

I spoke to a few women after the class.  Mary was mid-fifties and full figured.  She told me she’d been going since the studio opened last spring.  She was so thrilled with the program. “It’s not the numbers on the scale that have gone down greatly, but my body has completely changed since doing these classes.  I’ve gone down two sizes and I have so much energy”. Two moms around my age were nodding in agreement as they stood beside her.  One told me she’d had her second child a year ago, and had almost completely lost the muffin top.   Tara explained it simply, “I love coming here.  It’s one hour of me time.  It’s all I need. I arrive 5 minutes before, work out, and am in my car 5 minutes after it ends.  Investing this time clears my head, gives me energy, and SO much more patience for my kids!”

Where and how much?

Orange Theory Fitness originated in Florida, but studios are now popping up across Canada.  I had the pleasure of attending the location in Vaughan, north of Toronto. Pricing is dependent on the frequency you will be using, but there are no contracts or long term commitments.  I’m so excited to be heading into the fall with a new fitness regime in place!

For more information and to try your first class FREE, visit: Orange Theory Fitness

Have fun in the zone!


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